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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Sep-1982Computers for material management systemsBhatnagar, Subhash C.
17-Sep-1982Design of a drug supply system for rural health care in IndiaBhatnagar, Subhash C.
27-Sep-1989Developing competence in a developing worldBhatnagar, Subhash C.
23-Sep-1987A DSS generator for district planningBhatnagar, Subhash C.; Jajoo, B. H.
6-Sep-1982Education for systems analyst in developing countriesBhatnagar, Subhash C.
6-Sep-1982A framework for designing an MIS for health delivery system in rural IndiaBhatnagar, Subhash C.
23-Sep-1987A management information system to plan and monitor essential commodities in IndiaBhatnagar, Subhash C.; Ramani, K. V.
9-Oct-1982Locating social service centres using Interactive graphicsBhatnagar, Subhash C.
6-Sep-1982Improving the effectiveness of a multi-purpose workerBhatnagar, Subhash C.
6-Sep-1981Visit planning by rural family planning workerBhatnagar, Subhash C.