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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Oct-1994Research on the Indian capital market: a reviewBarua, Samir K.; Raghunathan, V.; Varma, Jayanth R.
8-Oct-1998Minimum alternate tax in India: lessons to be learned from the foreign use of alternative minimum taxBarua, Samir K.
12-Oct-1998Hedging effectiveness of sensexBarua, Samir K.; Madhavan, T.; Morris, Sebastian
14-Jul-1996Financial engineering using innovative instrumentsBarua, Samir K.
15-Jul-1997NAV versus the market: mutual funds part IIBarua, Samir K.; Raghunathan, V.
15-Jul-1996Debt market: exit equity?Barua, Samir K.; Raghunathan, V.
6-Oct-1996Portfolio management: the ways and the meansBarua, Samir K.
18-Nov-1994Analysis of the Indian securities industry: market for debtVenkiteswaran, N.; Barua, Samir K.; Raghunathan, V.; Varma, Jayanth R.
15-Jul-1996Debt market: a long way to goBarua, Samir K.; Raghunathan, V.
7-Oct-1997Security market reforms: all checks ok?Barua, Samir K.