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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Oct-1998Macroeconomic Analysis of Union Budget 1998-99Dholakia, Bakul H.
11-Oct-1998Macroeconomic analysis of VDIS 1997Dholakia, Bakul H.
1-Oct-1992Input-output tables for Rajasthan: methodology and estimatesDholakia, Ravindra H.; Dholakia, Bakul H.
30-Sep-1993Growth of total factor productivity in Indian agricultureDholakia, Ravindra H.; Dholakia, Bakul H.
6-Oct-1995Some aspects of value-added tax in Indian economyDholakia, Bakul H.
13-Jul-1990Indian economy: crisis and adjustmentDholakia, Bakul H.
13-Jul-1992Issues in strategy for export promotion: an inter-industry analysisDholakia, Ravindra H.; Dholakia, Bakul H.; Ganesh Kumar, N.
29-Sep-1992Modernisation of agriculture and economic development: the Indian experienceDholakia, Bakul H.; Dholakia, Ravindra H.
14-Jul-1995Total factor productivity growth in Indian industryDholakia, Bakul H.; Dholakia, Ravindra H.
14-Jul-1996Functional distribution of national income in IndiaDholakia, Bakul H.