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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Sep-1991Lease accounting practices in IndiaPandey, I. M.; Brahmaiah, B.
6-Oct-1996Venture capitalists evaluation criteria in a developing country: case of IndiaPandey, I. M.
4-Oct-1994Agricultural finance corporation, ZimbabwePandey, I. M.; Ramnarayan, S.
6-Oct-1995Venture capital investment process and evaluation in a developing country: a study of ThailandPandey, I. M.; Gupta, J. P.; Wickramatilke, R. M. D.
7-Oct-1996Emerging bond market in Thailand: problems and prospectsPandey, I. M.; Gupta, J. P.; Techa-umponkul, Titapong
28-Sep-1990Capital structure decisions in development finance institutions: policy implicationsPandey, I. M.
12-Oct-1998Shareholder value creation : a strategic financial goalPandey, I. M.
6-Oct-1995Venture capital : a new identityPandey, I. M.
14-Oct-1999Capital structure policies of companies in an emerging economy: a study of Thai companiesPandey, I. M.; Choti, Geat T.; Ranjeet, Manoj K
14-Oct-1999Venture capital development in IndiaPandey, I. M.; Dutta, Shantanu