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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Management of technology transferMukherjee, Niloy
1990Analysis of cases of formative yearsKini, Ajita; R., Anuradha
1990Computer industry in IndiaSrikanth, K.; Nadkarni, Girish
1990Marketing of remote sensing productsSrikanth, K.; Roy, D. K.
1990Marketing expert system: An application to media planningBhargava, Mayank; Sarkar, Sudev; Kini, Yeshwanth M.
1990Individual and group action in the context of common property resource managementNayak, Anasuya
1990Post launch evaluation of plant growth promotersPradhan, Sanjay; Sharma, Anil Kumar
1990Systems analysis of the computerised passenger reservation system for road, rail and air transportMandal, A.; Shekhar, Y.; Philip, J.
1990Trends and patterns in the financing of public enterprisesRaghavan, A. Srinivasa; Srinivasan, S.
1990Performance oriented database design of OLTP systemsUdaya Bhaskar, K. R.; Murali Krishna, M.