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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Product Design: managaerial aspectsSudeepa, D.; Shaw, Ramond.
1991Study of factors affecting retailer behaviour in urban and rural marketsKacker, Amrish.; Srinivasan, G.
1994Demand forcasting for new productsRamakrishnan, J.
1995Managing EuroissuesNittu, Chetan; Prakash, Geeta
1996Foreign currency managementJiwane, Vibhas; Choudhury, Soumya
5-Oct-1995Management NEWS index service: VSL experienceJambhekar, Ashok; Parikh, Shreyasi
11-Oct-1997Trapping of expertise and the pursuit of failureRamnarayan, S.; Strohschneider, S.; Schaub, H.
13-Oct-1998Role of management schools in the field of materials managementTripathy, A.
5-Oct-1994Effective management and styles: an Indian studyKhandwalla, Pradip N.
1994Orientation of professionals in family-owned/managed organizations: the case of engineersVasavada, Mukul