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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Oct-2004Bank consolidation: misplaced prioritiesRam Mohan, T. T.
1-Nov-2007Banking reforms in IndiaRam Mohan, T. T.
19-Oct-2002Deregulation and performance of public sector banksRam Mohan, T. T.
14-Oct-2000Case unprovenRam Mohan, T. T.
11-Nov-2008From the sub-prime to the RidiculousRam Mohan, T. T.
11-Nov-2009The Impact of the Crisis on the Indian EconomyRam Mohan, T. T.
19-Oct-2002How well have public sector banks done?Ram Mohan, T. T.
21-Oct-2003Long-run performance of public and private sector bank stocksRam Mohan, T. T.
28-Oct-2006Neither dread Nor encourage themRam Mohan, T. T.
8-Nov-2007Mumbai as international financial centreRam Mohan, T. T.