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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Diaspora bonds and their application in national developmentNebhnani, Arvind; Jayaraman, Pooja
2007Evolution of IPRs in IndiaJalan, Jyoti; Vasant, Palkar Pallavi
2007Statistical modelling of relationship between CDS spread and bond yieldAgarwal, Ritesh
2007Information trading: a potential instrument for crop loss against rain riskChandril, Indranil
2007Strategies for sourcing auto components from IndiaD'souza, Adrian; Gowda, Maruthi
2007Restructuring strategies for turnaround of declining/distressed firmsAdatia, Chirag; Bhowmick, Sayantan
2007Jet - Sahara merger : How did the deal unfoldBhatia, Rashi; Nehria, Samrinder Singh
2007Lessons in negotiation from India's struggle for independenceNagabhushan, Katyayini; Mazumdar, Sandeepan
2007Study of pricing of options on CDO tranches and CDXJacob, Angana; Gupte, Supriya
2007Application and evaluation of nonparametric regression methods for valuing American optionsPaul, Kritisundar; Bhattacharya, Koushik