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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Mar-2010Aggregate and branch method for solving multi constraint linear programs with zero-one variablesBarua, Samir K.
13-Mar-2010Experiment on individual investment decision making processBarua, Samir K.; Srinivasan, G.
13-Mar-2010Inflation hedge in India: stocks or bullionBarua, Samir K.; Raghunathan, V.
19-Mar-2010Decision process of individuals under conditions of risk: an experimental studyBarua, Samir K.; Srinivasan, G.
19-Mar-2010Investigation of decision criteria for investment in risky assetsBarua, Samir K.; Srinivasan, G.
22-Mar-2010Implications of changes in the holding period and other parameters on systematic risk and performance of a securityBarua, Samir K.; Madhavan, T.; Raghunathan, V.
31-Mar-2010Mastershares: market prices divorced from fundamentalsBarua, Samir K.; Varma, Jayanth R.
15-Mar-2010Optimal mix of coupons in a mess systemBarua, Samir K.; Gupta, Omprakash K.
15-Mar-2010Application of markov chains to management of leasingBarua, Samir K.; Srinivasan, G.
31-Mar-2010Regulatory framework for mutual fundsBarua, Samir K.; Varma, Jayanth R.; Venkiteswaran, N.