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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Apr-2010An Industry into Rural Poverty and UnemploymentSambrani, Shreekant
12-Apr-2010Rasulia Dug Well: An Irrigation SchemeSharan, Girja
12-Apr-2010Management of Technological change in Dry Farming Areas, Phase IIKrishnaswamy, M.S.
22-Apr-2010Economics of Three Versus Annual Crops on Marginal Agricultural LandsGupta, Tirath R.; Vithal, Deepinder Mohan
22-Apr-2010Interdependence Between Agriculture and IndustryRangarajan, C.; Padia, Veena
23-Apr-2010Non-Wood Forest Products in India: Economic PotentialsGupta, Tirath R.; Guleria, Amar S.
23-Apr-2010Use and Marketing of Plant Protection AppliancesPatel, Gunvant A.; Pichholiya, K.; Gopinath, C.
23-Apr-2010Group Lending in AgricultureDesai, Bhupat M.; Rao, Y. Narayana
23-Apr-2010Tribal Unrest and Nationalization of Trade in Minor Forest Produce in BiharGupta, Ranjit; Guleria, Amar S.; Banerji, Prava
23-Apr-2010Planning and Implementation of Minor Irrigation Projects Financed by the Land Development BankDesai, Bhupat M.; Rao, Y. Narayana