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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Inventory allocation in robotic mobile fulfillment systemsRoy, Debjit; Tessensohn, Tim Lamballais; Koster, René B.M. De
14-Dec-2020Performance analysis of batching decisions in waveless order release environments for e-commerce stock-to-picker order fulfillmentBansal, Vishal; Roy, Debjit; Pazour, Jennifer A
8-Aug-2020Stochastic modeling of parallel process flows in intra-logistics systems: applications in container terminals and compact storage systemsKumawat, Govind Lal; Roy, Debjit; Koster, René De; Adan, Ivo
13-Aug-2020AGV or Lift-AGV? Performance trade-offs and design insights for container terminals with robotized transport vehicle technologyKumawat, Govind Lal; Roy, Debjit
20-Aug-2020A new solution approach for multi-stage semi-open queuing networks: an application in shuttle-based compact storage systemsKumawat, Govind Lal; Roy, Debjit
30-Apr-2021A prescriptive analytics framework for efficient E-commerce order deliveryKandula, Shanthan; Krishnamoorthy, Srikumar; Roy, Debjit
26-Oct-2021Modelling driver's reactive strategies in e-hailing platforms: an agent-based simulation model and an approximate analytical modelMaruthasalam, Arulanantha Prabu Ponnachiyur; Roy, Debjit; Venkateshan, Prahalad
19-Feb-2021Stochastic modeling of multiline orders in integrated storage-order picking systemBansal, Vishal; Roy, Debjit
21-Sep-2022Performance evaluation and optimization of design parameters for electric vehicle-sharing platforms by considering vehicle dynamicsBansal, Vishal; Kumar, Deepak Prakash; Roy, Debjit; Subramanian, Shankar C.
9-Feb-2023Emerging practices and research issues for big data analytics in freight transportationGorman, Michael; Clarke, John-Paul; Koster, René de; Hewitt, Michael; Roy, Debjit; Zhang, Mei