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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Apr-2010Experiment on Individual Investment Decision ProcessBarua, Samir K.; Srinivasan, G.
28-Apr-2010A Simulation Model for Sizing Decision in a Large Irrigation/Power Project in IndiaBarua, Samir K.; Patel, Nitin R.
30-Apr-2010Optimal Mix of Coupons in a Mess SystemGupta, Omprakash K.; Barua, Samir K.
30-Apr-2010A Study on Modelling the Uncertain Cashflows of a Leasing Company for Prediction and ControlBarua, Samir K.; Srinivasan, G.
30-Apr-2010HandloomBarua, Samir K.; Madhavan, T.
30-Apr-2010Investigating the Systematic Bias in P's Resulting from Varying Length of Holding PeriodsBarua, Samir K.; Madhavan, T.; Raghunathan, V.
12-May-2010Knowledge Based System for Personal Tax Evaluation and PlanningJain, Rekha; Barua, Samir K.; Sudha, S.
12-May-2010Bus Route Network DesignBarua, Samir K.; Raghuram, G.
12-May-2010Implementing Stock Exchange GameJain, Rekha; Barua, Samir K.; Bhatt, Ketan
14-May-2010Portfolio ManagementBarua, Samir K.; Raghunathan, V.; Varma, Jayanth R.