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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Apr-2010Crossing the Digital Barrier: Leadership Issues for Women in the IT BPO SectorKaul, Asha; Jain, Rekha
10-May-2010Software Export to E.E.C.Jain, Rekha; Gupta, Anand P.
10-May-2010DSS for Road: Maintenance Planning for Professionals of Roads and Building DepartmentJain, Rekha; Bhatt, Ketan
10-May-2010Safety Management in TransportationJain, Rekha; Chhokar, Jagdeep S.; Raghuram, G.; Mathews, Dilip
10-May-2010Designing Bus Route Networks for the Centre Point ProblemJain, Rekha; Raghuram, G.; Shobhna, R.
12-May-2010Developing a User-Friendly Performance and Monitoring SystemJain, Rekha
12-May-2010Knowledge Based System for Personal Tax Evaluation and PlanningJain, Rekha; Barua, Samir K.; Sudha, S.
12-May-2010Centre Point Route Network DesignJain, Rekha; Raghuram, G.; Shobhna, R.
12-May-2010Implementing Stock Exchange GameJain, Rekha; Barua, Samir K.; Bhatt, Ketan
13-May-2010Case Study on the Passenger Reservation SystemJain, Rekha