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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jul-2003Electoral reforms: need of the hourChhokar, Jagdeep S.
19-Jul-2003'Increasing citizens' involvement in the electoral processChhokar, Jagdeep S.
21-Jul-2004White-backed vultures nesting at IIM CampusChhokar, Jagdeep S.
15-Oct-2000Effective leadership in India: a multi-method studyChhokar, Jagdeep S.
21-Jul-2004Who is tainted?Chhokar, Jagdeep S.
20-Oct-2002Taste for swiftlets edible nest lowering its numbersChhokar, Jagdeep S.; Pande, S.
25-Oct-2004Of, for and by the peopleChhokar, Jagdeep S.
27-Oct-2005Civil society and good governanceChhokar, Jagdeep S.
15-Oct-2000Comparative societal culture of India in the context of a multicultural studyChhokar, Jagdeep S.
20-Oct-2002Electoral reforms: key to effective democracyChhokar, Jagdeep S.