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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Jul-2008Bermuda triangle and the Indian retail industrySinha, Piyush Kumar
19-Oct-2002Strategic alliance: from competition to co-operationSinha, Piyush Kumar; Singh, Anuj
26-Oct-2004Kool King limitedRavichandran, N.; Sinha, Piyush Kumar
25-Oct-2004Observations on observation in India's dynamic urban marketsDholakia, Nikhilesh; Sinha, Piyush Kumar
17-Jul-2001Radio renaissanceSinha, Piyush Kumar; Singh, Anuj
17-Jul-2001The world within the shopSinha, Piyush Kumar
22-Oct-2004Reference prices: impact of shopper's behaviour at the storeSinha, Piyush Kumar; Prasad, P.V.
1-Nov-2007Consumer learning and store choiceWaterschoot, Walter van; Kenhove, Patrick van; Wulf De, Kristof; Sinha, Piyush Kumar
1-Nov-2006Family and store choiceSinha, Piyush Kumar; Tripathi, Sanjeev
1-Nov-2006Dynamic capabilities for consumer relationship management: roots of competitive advantagePandya, Darshan; Sahu, Subrat; Sinha, Piyush Kumar