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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jul-2002Measuring the efficacy of marketing spendsBanerjee, Arindam; Awasthy, Dheeraj
19-Oct-2001WTO and agricultural marketingSharma, Vijay Paul
28-Oct-2005Measuring consumer preferences for sales promotion schemes in FMCG sector in an emerging market: IndiaVyas, Preeta H.
27-Oct-2005Reconciling Dichotomies in marketing theory and practiceJha-Dang, Priya; Koshy, Abraham
1-Nov-2006Family and store choiceSinha, Piyush Kumar; Tripathi, Sanjeev
2008Radio Mirchi Private Limited: Redesigning Product for the Bangalore MarketJaiswal, Anand Kumar
21-Oct-2003Quality issues in supply chain: case of Kesar mango in Saurashtra regionDeodhar, Satish Y.; Pandit, P.
19-Oct-2001Management simulation game for improving food chainsPrussia, S.; Florkowski, W.; Sharan, Girja; Naik, Gopal; Deodhar, Satish Y.
23-Jul-2007Dead capital and marketingSahay, Arvind
20-Jul-2005Look the vendor sponsored my partyVarkkey, Biju