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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2024Understanding the impact of augmented reality product presentation on diagnosticity, cognitive load, and product salesTarafdar, Pratik; Leung, Alvin Chung Man ‎; Yue, Wei Thoo; Bose, Indranil
3-Jan-2024Engaging customers and suppliers for environmental sustainability: Investigating the drivers and the effects on firm performanceSharma, Amalesh; Borah, Sourav Bikash; Haque, Tanjum; Adhikary, Anirban
1-Jan-2024Did the COVID-19 pandemic propel usage of AI in pharmaceutical innovation? New evidence from patenting dataRathi, Sawan; Majumdar, Adrija; Chatterjee, Chirantan
19-Jan-2024An analysis of the dual burden of childhood stunting and wasting in Myanmar: a copula geoadditive modelling approachBadra, Dhiman
25-Jan-2024Have a Nice Flight! Understanding the Interplay Between Topics and Emotions in Reviews of Luxury Airlines in the Pre- and Post-Covid-19 PeriodsShayganmehr, Masoud; Bose, Indranil
12-Jan-2024Circular value creation through environmental entrepreneurship initiatives: A case-based explorationMohapatra, Subhalaxmi; Roy, Subhadip; Upadhyay, Arvind; Kumar, Anil
20-Jan-2024Digital Strategies for Engendering Resilient, Adaptive, and Entrepreneurial Agility: A Confgurational PerspectiveSetia, Pankaj; Deng, Kailing; Pandey, Shreya; Sambamurthy, Vallabh
4-Jan-2024Does centralization of online content regulation affect political hate speech in a country? A public choice perspectiveArayankalam, Jithesh; Soral, Prakriti; Khan, Anupriya; Krishnan, Satish; Bose, Indranil
25-Jan-2024Proprietary algorithmic traders and liquidity supply during the pandemicBanerjee, Anirban; Nawn, Samarpan
22-Jan-2024Examining the relationships between instructional leadership, teacher self-efficacy and job satisfaction: a study of primary schools in IndiaKhan, Furkan; Preeti; Gupta, Vishal