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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jun-2010Segmenting Shoppers on their BehaviourSinha, Piyush Kumar
9-Jul-2010Marketing in Emerging EconomiesSinha, Piyush Kumar; Oburai, Prathap
9-Jul-2010Marketing in Emerging EconomiesOburai, Prathap; Sinha, Piyush Kumar
24-Aug-2010Budget Marketing Inc.Sinha, Piyush Kumar; Raghuram, G.
24-Aug-2010Dainik JagranSinha, Piyush Kumar; Koshy, Abraham
26-Aug-2010Cool King Limited: To Be or Not to Be in Window Air-conditioner Market (Blue Star Limited)Sinha, Piyush Kumar; Ravichandran, N.
26-Aug-2010Dainik Jagran – Western Uttar Pradesh AssaultSinha, Piyush Kumar
27-Aug-2010Rexroth Bosch (I) Ltd.Sinha, Piyush Kumar; Dixit, Mukund R.
30-Aug-2010Arcus: A Home and Building StoreSinha, Piyush Kumar
30-Aug-2010Prerna Stores: Stores LayoutSinha, Piyush Kumar; Sood, Vandana