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    • Women and leadership roles 

      Parikh, Indira J.; Engineer, Mahrukh (2009-12-14)
      Indian Women and Indian society as a whole has moved from well-entrenched gender-centric roles, (where Man was considered the leader and provider and Woman the idealised deity, but submissive and subservient in day to day ...
    • Women at the workplace - the journey of three generations of women 

      Parikh, Indira J.; Engineer, Mahrukh (2010-01-16)
      Women at the Workplace- The Journey of Three Generations of Women', is based on interviews conducted by the authors of a broad cross-section of women in leadership positions, middle management levels as well as women ...
    • Women in management - a movement from fifties to the next millennium 

      Parikh, Indira J.; Engineer, Mahrukh (2009-12-12)
      This paper provides a panoramic view of Indian Women in Management from the 1950 s to the end of the present century. The paper then looks at new opportunities for women mangers in the next mllennium. Women in Management ...