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    • An exploration of the Indian mindset 

      Sinha, Jai B. P.; Singh, Shailendra; Gupta, Parvinder; Srivastava, Kailash B. L.; Sinha, R. B. N.; Srivastava, Sanjay; Ghosh, Anjali; Siddiqui, Roomana N.; Tripathi, Nachiketa; Gupta, Meenakshi; Mulla, Zubin; Vijayalakshmi, C.; Pandey, Ashish; Srivastava, Sweta (2011-05-04)
      Eight hundred and twenty-nine adults, drawn from 12 locations in all four parts of India, participated in a study that explored the joint effects of Indians’ discrepant mindset, context sensitivity, and quality of environment ...
    • Impact of a Sudarshan Kriya Based Occupational Stress Management Intervention on Physiological and Psychological Outcomes 

      Mulla, Zubin; A., Vedamuthachar (Indian Institute of Management , Ahmedabad, 2013-12-12)
      In a field experiment with 72 participants, we study the impact of Sudarshan Kriya on participants’ physiological and psychological variables. The intervention significantly reduced participants’ stress levels and blood ...
    • Impact of Personality and Belief Systems on Helping 

      Mulla, Zubin; Krishnan, Venkat (Indian Institute of Management , Ahmedabad, 2013)
      We investigate the effects of sattva guna (a dimension of Indian personality theory) and beliefs in the law of karma (an essential aspect of Indian philosophy) on helping behaviors in teams. We studied a group of 292 ...