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    • The formation of partnerships in social networks 

      Dutta, Bhaskar (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2017-08-17)
      This paper analyzes the formation of partnerships in social networks. Agents randomly request favors and turn to their neighbours to form a partnership. If favors are costly, agents have an incentive to delay the formation ...
    • Can we infer the "laws" of finance from big data? 

      Sinha, Sitabhra (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2017-08-24)
      A distinction often made between the physical sciences and social sciences is that the latter are not as amenable as the former to controlled experiments for rigorously verifying predictions made from theory. However, ...
    • Why are fewer married women joining the work force in rural India? A decomposition analysis over two decades 

      Mahajan, Kanika (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2017-08-04)
      In contrast with global trends, India has witnessed a secular decline in women’s employment rates over the past few decades. We investigate this decline in rural areas, where the majority of Indian women reside. Using ...
    • Intellectual Property Regimes, Technology Adoption and Organization of Firms 

      Chakraborty, Pavel (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2017-07-26)
      Recent debates have emerged in understanding the role of globalization on the demand for more skilled workers or executives and organization of firms, even in developing countries. However, there remains little or no ...
    • Is financial inclusion good for bank stability? International evidence 

      Mallick, Sushanta (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2017-07-24)
      Financial inclusion has become an important public policy priority following the recent global financial crisis. Yet, we know very little of how it impacts soundness of the providers of financial services. Using an ...
    • The Promise & Pitfalls of ICT for Agriculture 

      Cole, Shawn (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2017-07-14)
      In this talk, he will be talking of the research based on two experiments. The first one is about 'the effectiveness of "information only" interventions'. The authors examine the role of a very low-cost, "light-touch" ...
    • International Yoga Day (2017) 

      IIMA (2017-06-21)
    • Money and Meaning in the Modern Law Firm 

      Rohrer, Lisa H. (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2017-04-28)
      After the 2008 economic crisis, the legal profession in the US (and indeed in many Western economies) has found itself at an inflection point. Whereas prior to 2008, revenue and clients were fairly plentiful, the economic ...
    • Global sourcing of Services: Strategies, Issues and Challenges 

      Jain Palvia, Shailendra C. (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2017-04-11)
      The world has gone through three waves of sourcing and we are on the cusp of fourth wave. These waves appear to parallel agricultural, industrial, information/Internet, and now the cloud age. It is crucial to pay attention ...
    • Wheels of power: Long-term effects of a one time targeted program 

      Mitra, Shabana (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2017-04-10)
      Expansion of opportunities for the female child may impact her aspirations given the prevailing social norms. Furthermore, the new social equilibrium arising from this expansion feeds back into the social norms. We develop ...
    • The Growing Importance of Financial Spillovers from Emerging Markets 

      Surti, Jay (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2017-03-22)
      Has growing trade and financial integration resulted in an increase in outward shock spillover from emerging economies to global financial markets? Over the last two decades, transmission of emerging market shocks to equity ...
    • The cradle and grave of the welfare state 

      Breman, J C (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2017-03-21)
      The social struggle which came about in industrializing and urbanizing Europe had as a prime objective, fought for by the up-and-coming trade union movement, better employment conditions culminating in a standard contract ...
    • Statistical Modelling for Dynamic Computer Simulators 

      Ranjan, Pritam (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2017-03-16)
      The recent accelerated growth in the computing power has generated popularization of experimentation with computer models (or simulators) in various physical and engineering applications. Realistic computer models of complex ...
    • 52nd Annual Convocation (2017)  

      Sharma, Shikha; Birla, Kumar Mangalam; Nanda, Ashish (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 2017-03-25)
      52nd Annual convocation held at IIM Ahmedabad (1) Chief Guest - Smt. Shikha Sharma, CEO and Managing Director, Axis Bank Ltd. (2) Chairman - Shree Kumar Mangalam Birla (3) Director - Prof. Ashish Nanda
    • Designing retail stores to maximize visual experience 

      Parikh, Pratik (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 2017-03-07)
      The physical layout of a retail store is known to influence the stimuli and behavior of shoppers, eventually affecting their personal experience and store performance. This talk will focus on the visual stimuli of a shopper ...
    • The US-China Business Relationship - Bi-Polar or the Two Pillars of a Stable World Economy – With Implications for India? 

      Contractor, Farok (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 2017-03-06)
      This is more of a policy-oriented presentation discussing the extent of trade and FDI involvement between the US and China and what is at stake in the relationship in terms of money, jobs, manufacturing competitiveness, ...
    • Are Subsidies on Drip Irrigation Working? Evidence from Gujarat? 

      Fishman, Ram (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 2017-02-21)
      Subsidies on technologies that reduce environmental externalities are popular with policy makers in developing countries. However, given “investment inefficiencies” and the multiple other factors potentially inhibiting ...
    • Development Conflicts We Know Nothing Of 

      Prasad, Rohit (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 2017-02-08)
      The typical narrative of development conflict is of a rapacious industry that is unwilling to share the gains of development with people affected by projects and, instead, prone to paying off politicians, bureaucrats and ...
    • Is CEO Pay Related to Performance in the U.S. Hospitality Industry? 

      Singal, Manisha (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 2016-12-27)
      Due to the unique nature of the hospitality industry that entails higher competition, ease of entry and exit of firms, and geographic diversification, we hypothesize that CEO compensation in the hospitality industry will ...
    • Selection of Inputs and Outputs in Data Envelopment Analysis 

      Ray, Subhash C (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 2017-01-09)
      Productive efficiency lies in producing the maximum output from a given bundle of inputs or using the minimal input for a target bundle of outputs. The method of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) introduced in the OR/MS ...