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    • Dabhol Power Company 

      Sinha, Sidharth (2010-08-12)
      This case describes the first power project with foreign financing using project finance after `liberalization' of the Indian economy. It provides an opportunity for analyzing the risks in such projects and the manner in ...
    • Daewoo Group 

      Varma, Jayanth R. (2010-08-19)
      Daewoo is the third largest South Korean chaebols with diverse activities, including trading (more than 3000 different products in over 165 countries), construction, shipbuilding, machinery, automobiles, financial services, ...
    • Dainik Bhaskar Jaipur 

      Sinha, Piyush Kumar; Parihar, Kunjesh (2010-08-26)
      This case of the launch of the daily Dainik Bhaskar in Jaipur is aimed at bringing out the realities of the market place in the newspaper industry. It exemplifies the fact that there is nothing called a monopoly market ...
    • Dainik Jagran 

      Sinha, Piyush Kumar; Koshy, Abraham (2010-08-24)
    • Dainik Jagran (A): Towards a New Direction 

      Sinha, Piyush Kumar; Koshy, Abraham; Singh, Anuj (2010-09-01)
      Dainik Jagran has been in the newspaper business since 1942. It was successfully established as a leading Hindi newspaper in India. In Uttar Pradesh, one in every two readers read Dainik Jagran. It is enjoying 3rd position ...
    • Dainik Jagran - Jharkhand 

      Sinha, Piyush Kumar (2010-09-01)
    • Dainik Jagran – Western Uttar Pradesh Assault 

      Sinha, Piyush Kumar (2010-08-26)
      The case of Dainik Jagran is aimed at highlighting the strategies followed by a company that wishes to wrest the leadership from a well-known, established newspaper. It exemplifies the efforts that are required in such ...
    • Dairy Development Scheme for Banaskantha District in Gujarat 

      Singh, Gurdev (2010-07-26)
      The case contains information on a project on dairy development in Banaskantha District of Gujarat. The scheme was prepared by the State Bank of India to provide financial help to the beneficiaries. It gives an opportunity ...
    • Dairy farm financing - procedural issues 

      Rao, K. R. (1982-09-16)
    • Dairying in Gir forest 

      Pichholiya, K. R. (1974-08-25)
      The Gir forest of Gujarat has an area of 1.515 sq. km. It encompasses the Gir hills. These hills are covered predominantly with a dry mixed deciduous forest, most of which is teak. The area receives fairly good rainfull; ...
    • Dairying: need to reassess priorities 

      Vyas, V. S. (1980-08-31)
    • Daizy Healthcare (A) 

      Sriram, M. S. (2010-08-25)
      The case helps the students to identify and properly classify expenses under different heads and prepare financial statements.
    • Daizy Healthcare (B) 

      Sriram, M. S. (2010-08-25)
      The objective of the case is to examine the impact of changed accounting standards on the reporting of financial results of a company.
    • Dakshin Merchant Bank 

      Mohan, Kandaswamy; Ramnarayan, S. (2010-08-05)
    • "Dalmia School." 

      Dixit, Mukund R. (2012-09-11)
    • "DAMA" 

      Sriram, M. S.; Sarin, Ankur (2012-09-13)
    • Damages in a consumer sale contract: reviewing the consumer protection bill, 2015 

      Pathak, Akhileshwar (National Law School of India University, 2016)
    • Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t: the interactive effects of gender and agreeableness on performance evaluation 

      Nandkeolyar, Amit K.; Bagger, Jessica; Ekkirala, Srinivas (Elsevier, 2022-01-29)
      The role congruity theory and research on gender stereotypes suggest that communion and agency tendencies explain gender discrimination in performance evaluations. We propose that high agreeableness, a Big Five personality ...
    • Dance of Democracy 

      Ram Mohan, T. T. (2010-07-21)
    • Dare to Think the Unthought Known? 

      Mathur, Ajeet Narain (2010-07-08)