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    • Saath - A Social Enterprise 

      Sinha, Piyush Kumar; Bhamoriya, Vaibhav; Abhishek (2011-05-09)
    • Saath-A Social Enterprise 

      Sinha, Piyush Kumar; Bhamoriya, Vaibhav; Abhishek (2010-09-08)
      SAATH is an Ahmedabad based NGO that works for the slum dwellers. Over the years, it has been able to develop programmes that have brought changes in the lives of its beneficiaries. It stands different from other NGOs in ...
    • Sabar Mills 

      Verma, Pramod; Sivakumar, A. B. (2010-07-26)
      Refers to the system of grievance- handling in the Ahmedabad textile industry. A specific problem raised by a worker has been dealt within the case. Intervention by the union is also described.
    • Sabarkantha gas limited: challenges of marketing natural gas 

      Kumar Sinha, Piyush; Kumar, Kar S.; Mishra, Saurabh (World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd, 2016)
      This case is set in June 2012 and brings out many operational issues and challenges faced by the management of Sabarkantha Gas Limited (SGL) to efficiently, effectively, and profitably market natural gas in Mehesana, ...
    • Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project 

      Pangotra, Prem; Shukla, P. R.; Pathak, Minal (2011-05-09)
    • Sabitha's Modern Rice Mill Project 

      Gupta, G. S. (2010-08-03)
      The case is based on a project prepared for the development of rural economy of a taluka in the Chengai Anna district of Tamil Nadu. The project involves setting up of a modern rice mill under the cooperative form of ...
    • Sacred Groves and Biological Diversity: Providing New Dimension to Conservation Issues 

      Gupta, Anil K.; Deshmukh, S.; Gogate, M.G. (2010-07-05)
    • Sadhana Centre for Management and Leadership Development 

      Sharma, Rajeev (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 2013)
    • Safety at the Work Place: A Behavioural Approach 

      Chhokar, Jagdeep S. (2010-09-22)
    • Safety Management in Transportation 

      Jain, Rekha; Chhokar, Jagdeep S.; Raghuram, G.; Mathews, Dilip (2010-05-10)
    • Safewithme Inc. 

      Abhishek (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 2014)
      Safewithme Inc. (SI) is a leading manufacturer and marketer of healthcare products. Mr. Arun Jain, the Marketing Manager of SI, has received information about an upcoming trade promotion scheme by a competitor of SI. In ...
    • Sagar Cooperative Dairy 

      Bapna, S. L. (2010-08-17)
    • Sahara, SEBI and SC Saga 

      Agarwal, Anurag K. (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 2014)
      The case deals with the Supreme Court's decision of August 31, 2012, ordering Sahara to refund Rs. 24,000 crores and interest to SEBI, so as to refund to the real investors. Despite unambiguous orders, Sahara did not comply ...
    • Sai Coating: Detonation Sparay Gun 

      Sahay, Arvind (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2019-05-02)
      Sai Coating, a small entrepreneurial firm, was one of the three firms that had received the license from ARCI for marketing the Detonation Spray Coating (DSC). Sai Coating made and sold the detonation gun (D-Gun) to three ...
    • Sai Coating: Detonation Sparay Gun: A Teaching Note 

      Sahay, Arvind; Tiwari, Tara (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2019-05-02)
    • Sai Coating: Detonation Spray Gun 

      Sahay, Arvind (2010-08-30)
    • Sajjata Sangh: A Network of NGOs 

      Bikkina, Nalini (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 2013)
      Sajjata Sangh was initiated with the mission of promoting sustainable livelihood practices based on agriculture and had been encouraging its network organizations to focus on being accredited by Creditability Alliance. ...
    • Salary Administration 

      Ghosh, Nihar Ranjan; Saiyadain, Mirza S. (2010-07-27)
      This note deals with two important components of salary administration- purpose and administration. Both components have been discussed in great detail.