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    • Emotional labor in interactive service roles in Indian restaurants 

      Sharma, Anand; Banerjee, Prantosh; Yadav, Rama Shankar; Dash, Sanket Sunand (Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, 2015-10)
      Emotional labour is more pronounced in interactive service roles where significant communication is necessarily exchanged as a part of the service delivery. Customer interaction, performed by stewards is an intrinsic ...
    • The leadership of the school principal: Impact on teachers’ job crafting, alienation and commitment 

      Dash, Sanket Sunand; Vohra, Neharika (Emerald Publishing Limited, 2018)
      Purpose – The mechanisms through which superiors’ leadership styles and subordinates’ internal cognitions affect subordinates’ actual behaviour and attitudes are relatively unexplored in most contexts. This paper aims ...
    • Reliability and validity of two scales of employee engagement 

      Yadav, Rama Shankar; Dash, Sanket Sunand (Humanities and Social Science Studies, 2014)
      Employee engagement is postulated as a holistic construct with cognitive, emotional and behavioural aspects. The study tries to determine the reliability and validity of two scales of engagement: the 9 – item Utrecht work ...