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    • Loading and unloading trains at the landside of container terminals 

      Roy, Debjit; Gharehgozli, Amir; Saini, Suruchika; Ommeren, Jan-Kees van (Springer, 2022-02-25)
      We study the operational problem of loading and unloading trains at a container terminal. Trains are served by two gantry cranes which spread over multiple trains on parallel tracks at the terminal landside. Multiple ...
    • Modeling landside container terminal queues: Exact analysis and approximations 

      Roy, Debjit; Ommeren, Jan-Kees van; Koster, René de; Gharehgozli, Amir (Elsevier, 2022-06-07)
      With the growth of ocean transport and with increasing vessel sizes, managing congestion at the landside of container terminals has become a major challenge. The landside of a sea terminal handles containers that arrive ...
    • A stochastic model for interterminal container transportation 

      Mishra, Nishant; Roy, Debjit; Ommeren, Jan-Kees van (INFORMS, 2017)
      We propose a novel semiopen queuing network (SOQN) model for the interterminal transportation (ITT) problem where multiple container terminals use a common fleet of vehicles (automated lift vehicles, automated guided ...