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    • Carbon footprint analysis of pallet remanufacturing 

      Roy, Debjit; Thorn, Brian K.; Carrano, Andres L.; Tornese, Fabiana; Pazour, Jennifer A (Journal of Cleaner Production, 2016-07-10)
      This research is the first attempt to characterize the carbon equivalent emissions associated with pallet remanufacturing operations for two repositioning scenarios (cross-docking and take-back), and under multiple levels ...
    • Cost-effective pallet management strategies 

      Roy, Debjit; Carrano, Andres L.; Pazour, Jennifer A.; Gupta, Akash (Elsevier Ltd, 2016)
      The existing industry strategies for managing pallets, (single-use expendable pallets, buy/sell programs, and leased pallet pooling programs), are analyzed and compared using push and pull inventory control policies. A ...