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    • The 1.5°C target and coal sector transition: at the limits of societal feasibility 

      Garg, Amit; Spencer, Thomas; Colombier, Michel; Sartor, Oliver; Tiwari, Vineet; Burton, Jesse; Caetano, Tara; Green, Fergus; Teng, Fei; Wiseman, John (Taylor & Francis, 2017-12-07)
      National and global mitigation scenarios consistent with 1.5°C require an early phaseout of coal in major coal-dependent countries, compared to standard technical and economic lifetimes. This appears particularly apparent ...
    • The 1980 election campaign 

      Mohan, Mahendra (1980-08-27)
    • 1996-97 Budget: six steps backward and one forward 

      Dholakia, Ravindra H. (1996-10-07)
    • 3-D personal effectiveness grid 

      Pareek, Udai (1976-07-15)
    • The Aadhaar debate: Where are the sociologists? 

      Khera, Reetika (Sage Journals, 2018)
      The Aadhaar project which aims to provide all residents in India with a unique identity number requires much more attention from sociologists of India. There are several areas of research where sociologists can help: one, ...
    • Absence of economic and social constants 

      Chakrabarti, Anindya; Lahkar, Ratul (Springer, 2016)
      In this article, we discuss the possibility of economics as a discipline emulating the success of hard sciences. In our view, a fundamental obstacle arises from the fact that economics does not have (m)any stable and ...
    • Absenteeism : a search for correlates 

      Sharma, Baldev R. (1970-01-03)
      The author reviews several researches on "absenteeism''' in order to formulate hypotheses for his own study. A number of demogra phic, social, and organisational factors are examined in relation to absenteeism using ...
    • Abuse on online labour markets: targets’ coping, powerand control 

      D'Cruz, Premilla; Noronha, Ernesto (Emerald, 2018)
      Purpose–The purpose of this paper is to report a study of targets’ experiences of cyber bullying on online labour markets (OLMs). In addition to highlighting the link between targets’ coping and power and control,the paper ...
    • Accelerating agricultural development for inclusive growth: strategic issues and policy options 

      Sharma, Vijay Paul (Vikalpa: The Journal for Decision Makers, 2012)
      Like most other developing countries, India has predominantly been an agrarian economy, with agriculture sector contributing the largest share to gross domestic product (GDP) and employment. The introduction of high yielding ...
    • Accelerating rural telecom penetration: a state level analysis 

      Jain, Rekha; Raghuram, G. (2007-10-29)
    • Access of poor households to primary education in rural India 

      Dholakia, Ravindra H.; Iyengar, Shreekant (Journal of Educational Planning and Administration, 2008-11-10)
      The Planning Commission’s premise that the growth in India has bypassed the weaker sections due to their ineffective access to the basic services like primary education needs to be tested against the evidence. Traditionally ...
    • Access of the rural poor to primary healthcare in India 

      Iyengar, Shreekant; Dholakia, Ravindra H. (Review of Market Integration, 2012)
      The 11th Five-Year Plan of India emphasises the wider and better coverage of services, such as primary healthcare for the majority of population. For this purpose, various healthcare related programmes have aimed at the ...