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  • Success is a thief: inspirational convocation speeches 

    Ravichandran, N. (Random House India Gurgaon, 2015)
    ‘Success is at thief; failure is a fortune’—R. Gopalakrishnan, Director, Tata Sons Ltd Convocation is a magical time for graduates—it is liberating and petrifying in equal measure. It is tradition to invite a noted personality ...
  • Legal aspects of business 

    Pathak, Akhileshwar (McGraw-Hill Education New Delhi, 2015)
    The book interfaces law with management. It comprehensively deals with almost every field of law which has a bearing on business. The focus of this edition ? like that of the earlier editions ? is on making the teaching ...
  • Oilseed production in India: the problems and prospects 

    Sharma, Vijay Paul (Springer Ahmedabad, 2017)
    This book analyses the performance and potential of India’s oilseed sector, identifies the major constraints facing the industry and suggests options for increasing the country’s oilseed production and productivity, taking ...
  • Marketing in emerging economies 

    Banerjee, Arindam; Jaiswal, Anand Kumar (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 2017)
  • Not just grades: Schools that educate differently 

    Sharma, Rajeev (Penguin Portfolio Gurgaon, 2018)
    In the race to admit more and more children in privately run, English-medium schools and orient them to a world of cut-throat competition and grades-based performance, the quality of education is suffering. Children, ...
  • Indian perspectives on workplace bullying: A decade of insights 

    D'Cruz, Premilla; Noronha, Ernesto; Mendonca, Avina; Mishra, Nidhi (Springer New Delhi, 2018)
    This book, recognizing that workplace bullying is a significant employment relations and occupational health and safety problem in India which warrants urgent and holistic intervention, presents empirical studies examining ...
  • Enhancing energy efficiency in India: assessment of sectoral potentials 

    Vishwanathan, Saritha S.; Garg, Amit; Tiwari, Vineet; Kankal, Bhushan; Kapshe, Manmohan; Nag, Tirthankar (Energy Efficiency Series India, 2017)
  • Handbook on nuclear regulatory framework in India 

    Smith, Tyson, R.; Mohan, M.P. Ram (Eastern Book Company Lucknow, 2018)
    The work provides an excellent overview of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board’s regulatory structure, the facilities and activities it regulates. Further, it also discusses its regulatory requirements and regulatory process; ...
  • Institutional innovations in the delivery of farm services in India: a smallholder perspective 

    Singh, Sukhpal (Springer New Delhi, 2017)
    This book uses primary evidence to assess the value of agro-input and service delivery business models in terms of their inclusiveness, effectiveness and impact from a small farmer perspective, in the form of case studies ...
  • Critical perspectives on work and employment in globalizing India 

    Noronha, Ernesto; D'Cruz, Premilla (Springer Singapore, 2017)
    This book showcases issues of work and employment in contemporary India through a critical lens, serving as a systematic, scholarly and rigorous resource which provides an alternate view to the glowing metanarrative of the ...
  • Corporate Communication through Social Media: Strategies for managing reputation 

    Kaul, Asha; Choudhri, Vidhi (Sage New Delhi, 2017)
    Social media are rapidly and dramatically transforming the communication landscape. They are purported to provide reputational benefits by promoting transparency and enhancing possibilities for stakeholder engagement. ...
  • Issues in Indian Public Policies 

    Dholakia, Ravindra (The Netherlands: Springer International Publishing, 2018)
    This book discusses economic development in general and selected public policy issues with a focus on philosophy, Gandhian thoughts and sectoral issues in the Indian context. It presents scholarly contributions on growth ...
  • Human Resource Management 15th Edition (Revision) 

    Varkkey, Biju; Dessler, Gary (Pearson Education India New Delhi, 2018)
    Human Resource Management remains the best-selling text in the field, thanks to its authoritative and accurate information on HR-related responsibilities and personnel management. The new twelfth edition of the book has ...
  • India moving: a history of migration 

    Tumbe, Chinmay (Penguin Viking Gurgaon, 2018)
    From adventure to indenture, martyrs to merchants, Partition to plantation, from Kashmir to Kerala, Japan to Jamaica and beyond, the many facets of the great migrations of India and the world are mapped in India Moving, ...
  • Advances in analytics and applications 

    Laha, Arnab Kumar (Springer, 2019)
    This book includes selected papers submitted to the ICADABAI-2017 conference, offering an overview of the new methodologies and presenting innovative applications that are of interest to both academicians and practitioners ...
  • Dissent on Aadhaar: big data meets big brother 

    Khera, Reetika (Orient BlackSwan Hyderabad, 2019)
    Aadhaar, India’s unique identity system, was introduced in 2009 with the stated purpose of creating a more inclusive and efficient welfare system. Hundreds of millions of Indians were enrolled into the biometric database, ...
  • Introduction of biotechnology in India’s agriculture: Impact, performance and economics 

    Gandhi, Vasant P.; Jain, D. (Springer Singapore, 2017)
    Biotechnology can bring major breakthroughs in agriculture. The book examines the experience of introduction of biotechnology in Indian agriculture, specifically, examining the performance of Bt cotton versus non-Bt cotton ...
  • Marketed and marketable surplus of major food grains in India 

    Sharma, Vijay Paul; Wardhan, Harsh (Springer India, 2017)
    This book helps readers understand the concepts of marketed and marketable surplus, as well as the role of the government and marketing agencies, including those in the private sector, in improving market efficiency. It ...
  • Empowering Rural India - Report of the Task Force on Leveraging the Post Office Network 

    Subramanian, T. S. R.; Pai, T. V. M.; Bajpai, G. N.; Dholakia, Ravindra H.; Sharma, R. S.; Goyal, L. C.; Garg, Rakesh; Banerjee, Kavery and Vasumitra (Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Government of India, 2014)
  • Producer Companies in India: Organization and Performance 

    Singh, Sukhpal; Singh, Tarunvir (Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd., 2014)

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