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dc.contributor.authorRao, T.V
dc.description.abstractSome leaders change the fortune of their organisation. How do they do it, and what are their virtues? 100 Managers in Action explores facets which have enabled 100 managers to emerge as outstanding and impact-making leaders as revealed through their 360 Degree Feedback. Some of these facets are: Domain knowledge and technical know-how. Results and action orientation. Interpersonal skills. Team work. Systemic thinking. Continuous learning. After reading this book you will understand that vision, values and foresight take one to higher positions, while execution and delivery of results make one an influential and impactful individual. Through their analysis of 100 managers across business verticals, the authors illustrate how ordinary people by doing the same things differently turned out to be outstanding leaders.en_US
dc.publisherTata McGraw Hillen_US
dc.subjectSuccess in businessen_US
dc.title100 Managers in actionen_US

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