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dc.contributor.authorDatta, Samar K.
dc.contributor.authorChakrabarti, Milindo
dc.description.abstractIndia enjoys a vast and versatile resource base in respect of her fisheries. However, the country presently has reached a crossroad so far as sustainable tapping of his resource base is concerned. Defining sustainability not only in terms of economic viability but also in the context of ecological and social compatibility, the study looks into the problems and prospects of sustainable management of Indian fisheries. It analyse the various types of negative externalities arising out of a lack of clearly defined ‘property rights’ regime, both from within and from without. In doing so it examines the sustainability issues in respect of capture and culture fisheries exports and global competitiveness of fish and fishery products and fishermen’s cooperatives. A future policy perspective is developed through comparing the Common Fisheries Policy of the EU and the existing National Fisheries Policy in respect of their capabilities in striking the necessary balance between economic needs and socio-ecological requirements. The study concludes by highlighting the need for evolving a network of brotherhood type organizations institutionalized at local stakeholders’ level.en_US
dc.publisherCentre for Management in Agriculture, IIMen_US
dc.subjectFishery management - Indiaen_US
dc.subjectFisheries - Indiaen_US
dc.titleA management perspective for sustainable fisheries: the Indian scenarioen_US

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