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    • OB for social development: a position paper 

      Khandwalla, Pradip N. (2010-03-18)
      The thesis of the paper is that OB can contribute richly to socio-economic development of poor Third orld societies. It can do so through research on OB-related problems of the strategic organizations of these societies ...
    • Obtaining near-optimal solutions for the binary knapsack problem 

      Goldengorin, B.; Ghosh, Diptesh (2010-01-16)
      In this paper we consider the well-known binary knapsack problem. We propose a method of embedding heuristicsi in a branch and bound framework to optain solutions with profits within a pre-specified quality parameter within ...
    • Occupational wage structure in India 

      Verma, Pramod (2010-03-12)
      Both description and analysis of occupational wage structure are significant from the viewpoint of wage behaviour; for, the edifice of wage trend and wage structure in any economy is based on the myried wage rates obtaining ...
    • On a theorem due to sobel 

      Lahiri, Somdeb (2010-03-27)
      In this paper we prove that any bargaining solution to group decision problems which satisfies individual rationality, strong symmetry, efficiency and strong improvement sensitivity also satisfies mid-point domination.
    • On Constructing a New Series on Corporate fixed Investment 

      Rangrajan, C.; Patel, Kirit (2012-09-27)
    • On deficit financing 

      Swamy, Dalip S. (2010-03-13)
      The main conclusion emerging from the analysis is that the inflationary impact of a budget deficit depends upon the method used to finance that deficit. Using a static and a dynamic macroeconomic model it has been shown ...
    • "On diversity and freedom of choice" a technical comment 

      Lahiri, Somdeb (2010-01-18)
      In this paper we show that the similarity based preference for freedom of choice defined by Pattanaik and Xu (2000), can be uniquely characterized by Indifference Between No-Choice Situation, Strong Monotonicity with respect ...
    • On Estimability of Parsimonious Term Structure Models: An Experiment with Three Popular Specifications 

      Virmani, Vineet (2009-09-01)
      This study addresses operational issues in estimation of parsimonious term structure models. When using price errors, objective function in term structure estimation is a highly non-linear function of the parameters. This ...
    • On estimating home workers in India 

      Dholakia, Ravindra H. (2010-03-14)
      Although home-working is a phenomenon prevalent in almost all societies, it sometimes takes disturbing form especially in the labour surplus countries of the third world. It is artued that from the viewpoint of social ...
    • On estimating women's contribution to national product 

      Dholakia, Ravindra H. (2010-03-14)
      In order to measure the extent of economic independence of women in the third world countries, the use of indicators like Female Workforce Participation Rate (FWPR) or the relative contributions of males and females based ...
    • On estimation of number of species and biodiversity 

      Biswas, Atanu; Guha, Apritam (IIM-A publication, 2013-05-03)
      Suppose S is the unknown number of species in a community, and the sample consists of m distinct species, fj species are represented j times in the sample, j = 1; 2; ... ; k. Let f0 be the number of missing species in the ...
    • On internalization of externalities 

      Gupta, Anil K.; Prakash, Aseem (2010-03-27)
      Externalities can be internalized through market mechanism, government regulation, or self-governing institutions or a mix of these institutions. We recommend the institutional route which minimizes total cost (sum of ...
    • On methodologies for policy analysis 

      Ganapathy, R. S. (2010-03-12)
      Policy analysis as a major form of applied social science is a comparatively recent phenomenon in public systems. This paper examines the nature of methodologies in policy analysis and their relationship to social science ...
    • On organizing: are 'solutions' really the problem? 

      Gupta, Anil K. (2010-03-14)
      Ensuring a fair distribution of public resources has remained a concern of planners and socially conscious academists for a long time. The limitation of market forces in catering to such needs of people which at current ...
    • On regionalizing a national inter-industry table 

      Choudhry, Nanda K.; Dholakia, Ravindra H. (2010-03-14)
      Interstate disparity in the industrial output has been increasing in India in spite of our planned efforts to reduce the same. Out policies in this regard were based on the growth theories emphasising the role of factor ...
    • On the Blowout Preventer Testing Problem: An approach to checking for leakage in BOP networks 

      Ghosh, Diptesh (2013-11-20)
      Blowout Preventers (BOPs) and choke manifolds are key pieces of drilling rig equipment o prevent the uncontrolled release of potentially hazardous formation uids to surface. The blowout prevention testing problem is ...
    • On the Choice of Optimization Routine in Estimation of Parsimonious Term Structure Models: Results from the Svensson Model 

      Virmani, Vineet (2013-11-25)
      Objective function in term structure estimation with price errors is not only nonlinear but also non-convex in parameters. This makes the final results sensitive to both the choice of the optimization routine as well as ...
    • On the class of attitudinal discrete choice models 

      Aggarwal, Manish (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2016-03)
      The complex human attitudinal character plays an important role in the real world decision making. To this end, we present a family of extended probabilistic discrete choice models. The attitude-based variants of multinomial ...
    • On the computation of Hodges-Lehmann efficiency of test statistics 

      Raghavachari, M. (2010-03-13)
      An approach to the computation of Bahadur Efficiency was proposed by Bahadur and Raghavachari in their paper in Proceedings of Sixth Berkeley Symposium. The objective of the paper is to exhibit this approach to the Computation ...
    • On the estimation of elasticity in economics 

      DasGupta, A.; Misra, P. N. (1984-12-01)
      For the measurement of elasticity, given two observation of a bivariate relationship, the arc elasticity formula has been traditionally used by economists and statisticians. However, no proper statistical justification for ...