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    • Valid inequalities and facets for the capacitated lot-sizing problem with changeover costs 

      Sastry, S. Trilochan (2010-03-29)
      We study a scheduling problem with changeover costs and capacity constraints. The problem is NP-complete and combinatorial algorithms have not been very successful. We identify a general class of facets which subsumes as ...
    • Valid inequalities and facets of the multi product capacitated lot-sizing problem with changeover costs 

      Magnanti, Thomas. L.; Sastry, S. Trilochan (2010-03-23)
      The polyhedral structure of various versions of the single item lot-sizing problem have been studies previously. These include the uncapacitated and capacitated versions of the problem, with and without changeover costs. ...
    • Validity study of tests for executive selection 

      Saiyadain, Mirza S. (2010-03-13)
      Several reasons have been offered for the depressed values of coefficients of correlation between performance evaluation scores and test scores for tests that otherwise seem to have high validity. This study was undertaken ...
    • Valuation model for indeterminate convertibles 

      Varma, Jayanth R. (2010-03-22)
      Many issues of convertible debentures in India in recent years provide for a mandatory conversion of the debentures into an unspecified number of shares at an unspecified time; the conversion ratio (i.e., the number of ...
    • Valuation of environmental impacts of forestry projects 

      Tewari, Davi D. (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 1990-01-01)
    • A Value - based approach for sustainable supplier-customer relationships: the case of the Indian Steel Industry 

      Seshadri, D. V. R.; Tripathy, A. (2009-12-12)
      The Indian steel industry has been at the receiving end for the last several months, as the unabated stream of media reports indicate. The steel industry, which has endured years of mediocre performance, due to a supply ...
    • Value at risk models in the Indian Stock market 

      Varma, Jayanth R. (2009-12-12)
      This paper provides empirical tests of different risk management models in the Value at Risk (VaR) framework in the Indian stock market. It is found that the GARCH-GED (Generalised Auto-Regressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity ...
    • ‘The Value-Congruity Relationship Model’ 

      Kaul, Subhashini; Khokle, Pradyumana; Koshy, Abraham (2009-08-21)
      Marketers have always aimed at improving quality of relationship with consumers. Recent efforts exploring into brand-consumer relationships indicates that individuals use the interpersonal relationship elements to forge ...
    • Values design and development of strategic organizations 

      Garg, Pulin K.; Parikh, Indira J. (2010-03-19)
      This paper explores the connotations of concepts of social development, Organizations and values in the Indian society. Social Development has so many meanings that no coherent action seems to emerge. The Indian scene, in ...
    • Values in managing gender diversity 

      Parikh, Indira J. (2010-01-18)
      The paper explores the journey of Indian organizations in terms of gender diversity through five phases of women s entry into organizations, their career paths and growth. The paper then identifies the policies organizations ...
    • Values in search of education 

      Sheth, N. R. (2010-07-22)
      This paper is based on an amateur research effort to understand how social values are transmitted through non-formal education. The point of departure for the study lies in some currently expressed view on deterioration ...
    • Values in Vogue: Institutional Pathways for Sustaining Grassroots Innovations for Creating Public Goods 

      Gupta, Anil K. (2013-11-27)
      The institutional pathways through which grassroots struggles and initiatives can not only be articulated but also nurtured are crucial for inclusive development. It has been noted earlier that to institutionalize even a ...
    • Vanishing boundaries 

      Ganesh, S. R. (2010-03-14)
      Organization development literature is replete with writings on how to improve organizational effectiveness. While this is useful, actions in the real world often formally involve multiplicity of organisations especially ...
    • Variance analysis to changes in return of investment 

      Bhattacharya, C. D. (2010-03-14)
      This paper applies the Variance analysis approach developed by Robert F.Lusch and William F. Bentz for analysing changes in return on investment of three units: DCM, Hindustan Lever and TELCO. It identifies the different ...
    • Vector optimization with multiple constraints 

      Lahiri, Somdeb (2010-01-18)
      In this paper we show that a vector optimization problem with convex constraint functions which satisfy a constraint qualification can be reduced to a vector optimization problem with a single constraint, if the objective ...
    • Vehicle routing at a food service marketplace 

      Didugu, Kavitha Chetana; Soman, Chetan (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2017-04-25)
      In this paper, we explore the case of an aggregator-cum-restaurant that also offers pickup and delivery services to third party restaurants registered with it. The aggregator must decide on its fleet size and the optimal ...
    • Venture capital and entrepreneurial development: the Indian experience 

      Pandey, I. M. (2010-03-23)
      The study examines: - The strategic role venture capital in the development of technology, innovative entrepreneurship and small enterprises in India; - The development process of venture capital by a systematic analysis ...
    • Vertical integration, market structure and competition policy: experiences of indian manufacturing sector during the post reform period 

      Basant, Rakesh; Mishra, Pulak (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2017-09-26)
      In the context of declining degrees of vertical integration in major industries of Indian manufacturing sector during the post-reform period, the present paper is an attempt to examine how such ‘vertical disintegration’ ...
    • Viability and equity objectives of institutional credit for agriculture 

      Desai, B. M. (2010-03-12)
      Institutions providing agricultural credit in India have been concerned with both the objectives of viability and equity of their operations. The attempts to reorganize the size of both the primary agricultural credit ...
    • Viability of Inland Water Transport (IWT) in India 

      Rangaraj, Narayan; Raghuram, G. (2010-04-17)
      This paper attempts to assess the viability of movement of passengers and freight by inland water transport (IWT) in India.