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    • A note on expansion independence in multiattribute choice problems 

      Lahiri, Somdeb (2010-03-27)
      Two appealing independence properties have been used by us to characterize the egalitarian, utilization and relative egalitarian choice functions.
    • Note on forecasting techniques 

      Gupta, G. S. (2010-03-13)
      Planning is gaining popularity at all levels of human organization: individual or personal, firm, industry and the government. Further, a successful planning at any level entails three things; (a) Passive forecasts, (b) ...
    • A note on non neutrality of capital subsidy under IRR criterion 

      Srinivasan, G. (2010-03-14)
      Financial Institutions in India use IRR as a criterion for project evaluation. However they do not include the capital subsidy under the backward area development scheme in the computation of IRR. This note brings out the ...
    • A note on numerical representations of quasi-transitive binary relations 

      Lahiri, Somdeb (2009-12-12)
      A Binary relation is said to be quasi-transitive if its asymmetric part is transitive. A binary relation is said to be a weak-order if it is reflexive, complete and transitive. One may refer to Frensh [1986] for a synopsis ...
    • Note on the effects of tax-subsidy policies on the personal distribution of income in dual economies 

      DasGupta, A. (2010-03-13)
      In this paper the effect of tax-subsidy policies on the personal income distribution is studied using the mobile capital Harris-Todaro model of Corden-Findlay-McCool. It is shown that tax subsidy packages with efficiency ...
    • A note on the Indian motor vehicle industry 

      Dixit, Mukund R.; Mathew, Dilip; Raghuram, G. (2010-03-21)
      This note describes the history of the Indian Motor Vehicles Industry and its current status. There are a number of manufacturers in the public, joint and private sectors. Several new manufacturers also intend to enter the ...
    • Note on the second order conditions for isoperimetric problems in dynamic optimization 

      Lahiri, Somdeb (2010-03-23)
      In this paper we obtain a clear statement of the second order necessary condition for isoperimetric problems in dynamic optimization.
    • Note on two - phase method for a class of metric models in individual scaling 

      Vani, Vina; Raghavachari, M. (2010-03-12)
      This working paper the authors discuss the typical problem in individual scaling viz., finding a common configuration and weights attached to dimensions for each individual from the given interpoint distances or scalar products.
    • Notes on approaches and priorities in rural research 

      Vyas, V. S. (2010-03-19)
      It is necessary to involve practitioners of different disciplines in the tasks of rural development. However, this can become possible only if the objectives of such collaborations are well-defined. In the notes submitted ...
    • Novel Features for Review Helpfulness Prediction 

      Krishnamoorthy, Srikumar (Indian Institute of Management , Ahmedabad, 2014)
      Online reviews play a critical role in customer's purchase decision making process on the web. The online reviews are often ranked based on user helpfulness votes to minimize the review information overload problem. This ...
    • Numeracy and Financial Literacy of Forest Dependent Communities Evidence from Andhra Pradesh 

      Sundar, B.; Virmani, Vineet (2013-11-26)
      This study is an attempt to measure the numeracy and financial literacy of forest dependent communities (FDCs) in India using data from the two economically different forest communities in the state of Andhra Pradesh. ...
    • A Nutrition profile of Ahmedabad 

      Ganapathy, R. S.; Ganapathy, Sugandha (2012-09-27)
      Nutritional status is one of the key indicators of the development in a society. Urban nutritional problems are increasingly becoming critical in India. This paper surveys the nutrition’s scans in Ahmedabad in relation ...
    • OB for social development: a position paper 

      Khandwalla, Pradip N. (2010-03-18)
      The thesis of the paper is that OB can contribute richly to socio-economic development of poor Third orld societies. It can do so through research on OB-related problems of the strategic organizations of these societies ...
    • Obtaining near-optimal solutions for the binary knapsack problem 

      Goldengorin, B.; Ghosh, Diptesh (2010-01-16)
      In this paper we consider the well-known binary knapsack problem. We propose a method of embedding heuristicsi in a branch and bound framework to optain solutions with profits within a pre-specified quality parameter within ...
    • Occupational wage structure in India 

      Verma, Pramod (2010-03-12)
      Both description and analysis of occupational wage structure are significant from the viewpoint of wage behaviour; for, the edifice of wage trend and wage structure in any economy is based on the myried wage rates obtaining ...
    • On a theorem due to sobel 

      Lahiri, Somdeb (2010-03-27)
      In this paper we prove that any bargaining solution to group decision problems which satisfies individual rationality, strong symmetry, efficiency and strong improvement sensitivity also satisfies mid-point domination.
    • On Constructing a New Series on Corporate fixed Investment 

      Rangrajan, C.; Patel, Kirit (2012-09-27)
    • On deficit financing 

      Swamy, Dalip S. (2010-03-13)
      The main conclusion emerging from the analysis is that the inflationary impact of a budget deficit depends upon the method used to finance that deficit. Using a static and a dynamic macroeconomic model it has been shown ...
    • "On diversity and freedom of choice" a technical comment 

      Lahiri, Somdeb (2010-01-18)
      In this paper we show that the similarity based preference for freedom of choice defined by Pattanaik and Xu (2000), can be uniquely characterized by Indifference Between No-Choice Situation, Strong Monotonicity with respect ...
    • On Estimability of Parsimonious Term Structure Models: An Experiment with Three Popular Specifications 

      Virmani, Vineet (2009-09-01)
      This study addresses operational issues in estimation of parsimonious term structure models. When using price errors, objective function in term structure estimation is a highly non-linear function of the parameters. This ...