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    • Indian Product Limited (A1): Preparing a Research Plan 

      Dholakia, Ruby Roy; Jain, Abhinandan K. (2008)
      The case briefly describes the situation of a leading company and the industry structure in the Small Pack Refined Oil (SPRO) market in Indian. The case describes the process of developing four concepts for assessing the ...
    • Creativity - Exercises and Cases 

      D'Cruz, Premilla (2008)
    • Managing Workforce at Superior Refinery Limited (SRL) (A) 

      Nag, Debabrata; Bhushan, Vidya; Kaushik, S; Jayaswal, Sachin (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2010)
      The case deals with the functional and behavioral issues faced by an oil refinery shift in-charge regarding workforce management. In addition to the refinery policy requirements the behavioral constrains become extremely ...
    • New Madras Plastics Corporation 

      Blakrishnan, K. (2010-07-24)
      The accountant believes that one of the products, twenty- litre grease container, does not fetch a price adequate to cover its costs. With the anticipated fall in volume she expects the unit cost to rise even higher. The ...
    • Star Engineering Co. 

      Balakrishnan, K. (2010-07-26)
      Deals with the process of full cost determination in a typical job order industry through a series of allocations, apportionments and absorptions. Sufficient data are provided for students to work out specific cost figures. ...
    • Lakshmi Bags Industries 

      Balakrishnan, K. (2010-07-26)
      Describes how inefficiencies and/or fraudulent practices seem to exist in several areas— procurement, processing, inventory, pricing, sales, etc. A newly recruited young MBA is asked to look into the problem areas by one ...
    • Cost Classification Exercise 

      Balakrishnan, K. (2010-07-26)
      An introductory exercise in cost accounting which helps students to view the elements of costs from three different perspectives: 1) on a functional basis—manufacturing, selling, administration, research and development, ...
    • Introduce Yourself to Transactional Analysis 

      Bhatnagar, Deepti (2010-07-26)
      Introduces the concept of transactional analysis. It discusses briefly the meaning and relevance of TA concepts like ego states, transactions, strokes, time structuring, games, psychological positions, and OK and not?OK ...
    • Teaching Note on Punjab Tractors Limited 

      Chaudhuri, Shekhar (2010-07-26)
      Punjab Tractors Limited was promoted by Punjab State Industrial Development Corporation on 27th June, 1970 at Chandigarh with the immediate main objective of setting up a plant for the manufacture of Swaraj 20 and 30 HP ...
    • The Theory of Choice under Uncertainty 

      Das Gupta, Arindam (2010-07-26)
      An introductory exposition of the theory of choice under uncertainty is given. Risk, risk aversion, and behaviour in risky situations is discussed.
    • A Brief Note on Indirect Institutional Finance for Agriculture 

      Desai, Bhupat M. (2010-07-26)
      Deals with RBI's definitions of direct and indirect finance for agriculture, and the data on relative importance of these two types of rural credit in India. The note also raises questions for discussing (a) the rationale ...
    • Inputs Distribution Credit and Crop Loan System: A Case of Their Linkage in Cooperative Credit Structure 

      Desai, Bhupat M. (2010-07-26)
      This case deals with the problem of linkage between inputs distribution credit and credit given to the farmers by the banking institutions in India. Quantitative and qualitative data are provided to analyse this problem ...
    • Financing Working Capital Requirements of Selected Agro-processing Industries 

      Desai, Bhupat M. (2010-07-26)
      This case is based on published data on six major agro-processing industries, viz. dairy products, fruits and vegetable products, grain products, sugar, edible oil and fats, and prepared animal feeds. These data are presented ...
    • Banwari Lal and Subir Bose 

      Dholakia, Nikhilesh (2010-07-26)
      Deals with the situation where a major retailer of consumer products is obtaining supplies through unauthorized channels. The problem is to motivate the retailer to deal with the authorized salesman and distributor. The ...
    • Creative Exercises in Sales and Distribution Strategy 

      Dholakia, Nikhilesh (2010-07-26)
      Five short exercises dealing with domestic and international sales and distribution strategy formulation.
    • The Ranipet Begumpur Sales War 

      Dholakia, Nikhilesh (2010-07-26)
      Deals with a sales territory dispute. Janardhan has accused Thomas of "stealing" sales from his territory. Thomas feels he is generating additional sales by sending patients to a free clinic in Janardhan's territory. An ...
    • A Brief Note on Understanding Scope of Agriculture 

      Gaikwad, V. R. (2010-07-26)
      The vast canvas of agriculture covers plants, animals, insects, and micro-organisms, each covering numerous species and subspecies. It covers all forms of life and matter. This biomass is created by the sun's energy, and ...
    • A Note on Defining Integrated Rural Development 

      Gaikwad, V. R. (2010-07-26)
      The term "rural" connotes the presence of a certain combination of characteristics. So long these characteristics are present, the society remains rural. The purpose of "rural development" would then be to remove/overcome ...
    • Application of Science and Technology for Integrated Agriculture and Rural Development 

      Gaikwad, V. R. (2010-07-26)
      Agriculture concerns practically the entire biomass-plants, animals, insects, micro-organisms. All these organic matter contain carbon and hydrogen and frequently nitrogen and phosphorous. Application of science and ...
    • Environmental Impacts of Development Projects: Concepts and Relevance 

      Gupta, Tirath R. (2010-07-26)
      The meaning and origin of the concepts of environment and ecology are traced. Reasons for enhanced concern for environmental consequences of development projects are discussed in the context of the basic functions of the ...