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dc.contributor.authorJain, Rekha
dc.contributor.authorBhatnagar, Subhash C.
dc.description.abstractThis case pertains to a decision situation faced by the Director, Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore, regarding computerization, specifically, the choice of mini computer systems with many terminals or local area networks for implementing the recommendations of the internal core committee for computerization. The computer system at CMC Vellore consisted of two mini computers handling same of the data processing tasks, including in-patient billing. Over a period of time some of the departments had installed Personal Computers on the recommendations of the internal core committee for computerization. This core committee had also recommended considerable expansion of the computing facilities. The two possible options for implementing the recommendations were to either utilize the existing machines with enhanced computing power and terminals or to go in for Local Area Network (LAN). This case brings out the issues for consideration in this context for deciding on either configuration.en
dc.subjectCMC Velloreen
dc.titleComputerization at CMC Velloreen
dc.typeCases and Notesen

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