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dc.contributor.authorMukhopadhyay, Sipra
dc.description.abstractThe case relates to the problem of a small entrepreneur who wants to capture and exploit a large latent market of safety devices for fall protection. The acceptability of these products has been confined to a few organizations with a positive orientation towards safety. The problems facing the company are several: which segment to focus on now and later, where to consolidate its position now in the face of emerging competition. The situation is complex as Security Belt has financial constraints and limited infrastructure. The analysis of the case highlights the major thrust areas. The case brings out the issue facing a small firm, of balancing financial objective and marketing objective; it also reflects the advantages of a local operator where the product is custom-built, requiring significant service back-up. The supplementary case "Communication Strategy" (MAR0316), highlights one decision area, communication, to be targeted at organizations segmented by attitude and usage behaviour.en
dc.subjectSafety Devicesen
dc.titleSecurity Belt Limiteden
dc.typeCases and Notesen

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