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dc.contributor.authorJain, Abhinandan K.
dc.description.abstractAgrawals 420, a cottage industry started in 1962 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, setup several companies by 2016. Papad business revenues were INR 70 crores plus. Information available: reasons for setting up, guiding values, facing intensive competitive rivalry, journey of growth, manual manufacturing process, mechanising the process, product portfolio and development, setting up and managing sales distribution system, and challenges of growth to go national. The case can be used for exploring factors in entrepreneurial motivation, sustaining small business in highly competitive market, and growing small single brand one product local businesses into large multi-product multiple brand national ones.en_US
dc.publisherIndian Institute of Management Ahmedabaden_US
dc.subjectGrowth Strategyen_US
dc.subjectExpanding Nationallyen_US
dc.subjectSales & Distributionen_US
dc.subjectNew Product Introductionen_US
dc.titleAgarwal's 420: Challenges of Establishing and Growing a Traditional Business"en_US
dc.typeCases and Notesen_US

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