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    • 1100 MT of Sorghum 

      Agarwal, Anurag K. (2011-05-06)
    • 1100 MT of Sorghum. (Teaching Note) 

      Agarwal, Anurag K. (2011-05-06)
    • 14 Days or 14 Years? 

      Rao, Srinivas S. (2010-08-12)
      Deals with the event of kidnapping of the general manager of OIC’‘s Guwahati Refinery in 1990, the accompanying effect on the Company, and the actions required by the Company. The case focuses on how the external political ...
    • 20/20 Vision 

      Monippally, M. M.; Kulkarni, Vaibhavi (2010-08-30)
    • 20th Century Finance Corporation Limited 

      Gupta, Ramesh (2010-07-29)
      The case discusses accounting policy issues such as depreciation, deferred tax, capitalization of interests, etc. in a leasing company. It also provides an opportunity for financial analysis, inter firm comparison, evaluation ...
    • 3 - Roses 

      Banerjee, Bibek; Thachil, Paul (2010-09-15)
    • Designing an Online Offering 

      Kaul, Subhashini (2011-05-06)
    • A-One Starch Products Limited (A) 

      Jain, Abhinandan K.; Saha, Jahar (2010-08-17)
      A-One Starch Products Limited established in the late thirties, member of a large business group, manufactures starch and its derivatives for many diverse industries, and is the acknowledged industry leader for its ...
    • Aakash Book Store 

      Sinha, Piyush Kumar (2010-09-03)
      This case discusses possible entry strategy of Aakash Book Store into Ahmedabad market. The chain store was operating in the state of Kerala. The owner of the chain, Aakash Shetty was evaluating possible entry into the ...
    • ABC Bank Credit Card for Farmers 

      Bhattacharjee, Sourindra; Desai, Bhupat M. (2010-08-13)
      This case highlights the failure of top-down approach as well as the product not matching the actual needs of the farmer-borrower. Rigid and centralized decision-making process, developing product alien to farmers, etc. ...
    • ABC Fisheries Limited (A) 

      Srivastava, U. K. (2010-08-04)
    • ABC Fisheries Limited (B) 

      Srivastava, U. K. (2010-08-04)
    • ABC Inc. (Tata Infotech Limited) 

      Sinha, Piyush Kumar; Raghuram, G. (2010-08-24)
    • ABC Investments 

      Jain, Rekha (2010-08-05)
    • ABC State Road Transport Corporation: Fuelling Plan of Buses 

      Raghuram, G.; Padmanabhan, Gita (2010-08-04)
      This case describes how the fueling plan of buses can affect the fuel expenditure, since the prices of fuel differ in various locations. The objective of this case is to pick up fuel at the cheapest points, ensuring that ...
    • ABC’s Search for the Pied Piper of Consultants 

      Sharma, Sunil; Srinivasa, Addepalli (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 2014)
      The case provides rich description of an actual decision making situation related to selection of a consulting company. An Indian company that has recently acquired a US-based manufacturer of widgets, intends to capture ...
    • ABS Tyres 

      Banerjee, Arindam; Banerjee, Bibek (2010-08-31)
    • ABS Tyres 

      Banerjee, Arindam (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 2013)
      ABS Tyres was a medium sized 2-wheeler tyre manufacturer which sold most of its tyres through the OEM channel (sale of tyres fitted in new vehicle). It had minimal presence in the replacement market, the direct to consumer ...